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Gotham Citi, the Opening Act music group, is made up of of four self-made guys from New York. Gotham Citi takes pride in being from NY and being one of the best R&B groups to come out of NY in quite some time

Maraj Magazine: How long have you been a group?

Gotham Citi: We have been a group, going on 2 years now but have known each other for many years through the music circuit in New York.

Maraj Magazine: How did you get on the E! show, Opening Act with Nicki Minaj?

Gotham Citi: It definitely wasn’t something that we expected or saw coming, the artist development team from Opening Act was looking for talent on youtube when they stumbled across one of our videos. They then contacted us about doing some kind of documentary, we had no idea we would be opening for Nicki until we were surprised by Olivia on the basketball court in Brooklyn.

Maraj Magazine: What is it like to work with Nicki Minaj on Opening Act?

Gotham Citi: Nicki is certainly an example of someone who had a goal went out there and got it done through perseverance and hard work. The inspiring words that she shared with us after our performance is something that we will never forget. It’s always amazing to be in the presence of people like that and for that person to be Nicki Minaj is even better!

Maraj Magazine: Who or what influenced the name Gotham Citi?

Gotham Citi: The name Gotham Citi describes who we are and where we are from, we are from the streets of NYC which is often called Gotham Citi, wherever we travel, be it LA, ATL, Europe, Africa etc…. we want our name to reflect that NY Swag.

Maraj Magazine: What’s your favorite song off of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded?

Gotham Citi: Thats not a fair question we cant just give you one, but the top 2 would have to be “Pound the Alarm” and “I Am Your Leader” (featuring Cam’ron and Rick Ross).

Maraj Magazine: Tell us what Nicki Minaj is like in person!

Gotham Citi: We were all a little nervous to meet her but when we did, it was all love. One the one hand you see this huge mega star and on the other hand, she was so cool and down to earth. We loved meeting Nicki and hope to see her again in the near future.

Maraj Magazine: Can you tell us if there will be a collaboration with Nicki Minaj anytime in the future?

Gotham Citi: What we will tell you that in this life anything is possible, it would be great to sing along side her, she has never collaborated with an R&B group so it would be dope, you never know…

Maraj Magazine: Nicki Minaj recently announced the release of a new album for November! What’s new for Gotham Citi? Any new music coming out anytime soon?

Gotham Citi: Currently we are in the studio cutting new records, so you will definitely hear some new music from GC soon, if you liked “Bedroom Floor” and “I Want You,” watch what we got next!!

Maraj Magazine: For the last question, what advice can you give your fans out there that need encouragement to chase their dreams?

Gotham Citi: Always stay true to yourself, work hard & stay humble. Keep people around you who encourage, believe in you and share your vision. Whatever you want to become you can, there is nothing in this life that can hold you back, but you. Don’t give up!

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